A Model Perspective

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A Model Perspective

A Look Inside Fashion Week


The runways of Paris, Milan, and NYC are well documented and deeply storied; but these tales are rooted in what we see on the catwalk–in the couture, the crowd, and the models. Here, we step behind the curtain to take a look at recent behind the scenes shots from Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, and New York City.


AW14B-GarethPugh-054 AW14B-RyanLo-009 AW14BS-RyanLo-037 AW15-Givenchy-388 AW15B-Balmain-112 AW15BS-Balenciaga-119 AW15BS-Chanel-092 AW15BS-ElieSaab-117 AW15BS-Ferragamo-010 AW15BS-Vaccarello-002


Photography: Courtesy of Anna Stokland