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Spike Jonze

Adaptation, Lightness, & Ease


In this rare collaboration with NeueJournal, Brigitte creates a series of portraits  investigating the most nuanced and directional voices in contemporary art, film, music,  and science. An ongoing personal series captured in her Lower East Side daylight studio,  these images are underscored by a quiet intimacy unique to the space itself.


The first time I met Brigitte she had come by the set of Adaptation because she was an old friend of Meryl’s. She brought such lightness and ease into a group of people that had been working together for a couple of months, and she had such charm. I figured that with somebody who’s that fun to be around, maybe her photos wouldn’t be that good. But then when I saw them, they were the best photos we had of that shoot. There’s something in her photos that I don’t think a photographer can learn. They’re alive and connected to the subject because she is both of those things. And ever since, any time, I want her to come be with us.



Photography: Brigitte Lacombe
Guest Photo Editor: Janet Johnson