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FORM Diaries

Doug Aitken, Alexa Meade, Kathy Garcia,
Sanford Biggers, & Zach Anner


In a day and age where festivals are few and far in between, it’s often a challenge to create a unique and original experience. Cue FORM Arcosanti, a three-day festival held in a small surreal city in Arizona between May 13 – 15th, which amalgamates electronic musical performances with an immersive cultural series presented by NeueHouse, with work from renowned multi-platform artists.


While the magic of the festival is best expressed experientially – a utopic phenomenon which has to be ‘seen to be believed’ – we thought the best way to show what FORM is really like is for those involved to be the ones to show us. Including visual diaries from Doug Aitken, Alexa Meade, Kathy Garcia, Sanford Biggers, and Zach Anner, this is what FORM Arcosanti looked like for those who shaped the event.



IMAGE RIGHT: Doug Aitken at FORM, Photo by Austin Meredith | IMAGE LEFT: Photo by Doug Aitken



“Sarvia with arcosanti and the Mesa behind her. Taking little excursions through the beautiful grounds was a highlight.” — Kathy Garcia



“These are my favorite photos from FORM. Before I painted the model, Josephine Lee did her makeup. My model would like to be anonymous.” — Alexa Meade



“People using the pyramid for chair pose during yoga class. It was nice to see people occupy the pyramid in their own way.” — Kathy Garcia



Photos by Sanford Biggers | IMAGE RIGHT: “We must redefine the American Dream before we can rebuild the infrastructure on which it is based” – Paola Soleri | IMAGE LEFT: Mood


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“At Arcosanti the art and the people are one and the same. Thanks to Alexa and Meade.” – Zach Anner