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Anxiety about the Passing of Time


In this rare collaboration with NeueJournal, Brigitte creates a series of portraits  investigating the most nuanced and directional voices in contemporary art, film, music,  and science. An ongoing personal series captured in her Lower East Side daylight studio,  these images are underscored by a quiet intimacy unique to the space itself.


The physical world of the play always comes to me first. Theater is really about trapping people inside a space, so I like to think about the kind of spaces that will feel new or challenging to audiences while also feeling kind of familiar.


I want people to be sitting in the dark, with their phone turned off, filled with anxiety about the passing of time, and I want them feel a little weirded out, but also deeply understood.


I’m definitely not a person with lots of ideas. I’ve been lucky enough to always have the next play in my mind while I’m in rehearsals for the current one, but I can’t see beyond that.


Photography: Brigitte Lacombe for NeueJournal
Guest Photo Editor: Janet Johnson