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Stranger Than Kindness

Willy Vanderperre captures Marie-Agnés Gillot


Willy Vanderperre is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker. Marie-Agnés Gillot is a French ballet dancer and choreographer. But their seemingly unrelated mediums and modes of expression feel closely linked by a shared knack for playing with stillness. Vanderperre makes photographs that pack motion and emotion into a motionless frame, while Gillot is renown for her ability to imbue movement with intensity and power. Together, the two artists collaborated on this unique project for NeueJournal – making still images that feel somehow stiller than most. 


P2_NEUEJOURNAL_04_019 copy



P05-06_NEUEJOURNAL_04_161 copy


Jan Fabre


P09-10_NEUEJOURNAL_01_171 copy


P11_12_NEUEJOURNAL_Z6A0822 copy


Jan Fabre


P15_16_NEUEJOURNAL_03_001 copy


P17-18_NEUEJOURNAL_04_176 copy




P21-22_NEUEJOURNAL_02_019 copy


P23-24_NEUEJOURNAL_I9A6576 copy


P25-26_NEUEJOURNAL_01_157 copy


P27_NEUEJOURNAL_04_046  copy


P28_NEUEJOURNAL_04_014 copy


Photography: Willy Vanderperre for NeueJournal
Starring: Marie-Agnès Gillot


Make-up artist Peter Philips using Dior
Hair stylist Anthony Turner
Manicurist Laura Forget
Lighting technician Romain Dubus
Photo Assistant Corentin Thevenet
Makeup Assistants Delphine Delain, Estelle Jaillet
Hair assistant David Harborow
Production Floriane Desperier @ 4oktober
Thank you to Elisa Allenbach,
 Stephanie Jaillet @ Triplelutz
 and Henri Coutant @ Dtouch