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Fuck Jerry

Pornhub, vintage sneakers & Instagram

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Elliott Tebele is the mastermind behind the Instagram sensation @FuckJerry. We interviewed Tebele, hoping to get an understanding of the method to his hugely successful madness, but true to form he responded with his patented mix of crypticness and comedy.


NeueJournal: How do you break the ice?


Fuck Jerry: Hi, hello.


NJ: How do you know a photo or meme that you post is considered worthy?


FJ: I think by now I have a good understanding of my fans’ taste.


NJ: Favorite social media platform (besides Instagram)?


FJ: Pornhub


NJ: All time favorite internet meme?




NJ: Name one thing you haven’t checked off your bucket list?


FJ: Play a 1 on 1 versus Michael Jordan.


NJ: Do you bring your phone to the bathroom?


FJ: Duh. I actually do all my grams from the toilet.


NJ: When is it appropriate to start drinking, no judgment?


FJ: Weekdays: in the evening. Weekends: in the morning.


NJ: If you could teach a class on any subject, what would you teach?


FJ: Vintage sneakers.


NJ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received so far?


FJ: Whenever someone tells you how to run your business, just respond politely with, “That’s interesting, thanks for the advice.”


Photography: Anton Lombardi for NeueJournal