Gus Van Sant

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The Space in Between

NEUEJOURNAL_Issue-1 (dragged)

Gus Van Sant is an emblem of cinema and the arts, continuously presenting new and explorative work that exemplifies his versatility. Perhaps most well known for his art house films, Van Sant is also a talented painter, frequently using watercolors to create different forms of visual narratives.  Alongside the poet and writer Forrest Gander, who counts a Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award amongst his many accolades, the distinguished artists have created for NeueJournal a collaboration of artistry and poetry in which they explore the solitude of the space in between.

Artwork by Gus Van Sant | NeueJournal Issue 1


Keeps his hat on as
he enters,
but thoughtfully
wipes his feet.


It means just
what it feels like
it means.


I hear the busyness in
your voice, you hear
the busyness in my voice.
To be oblivious, in some
manifold danger. And
so on.


NEUEJOURNAL_Issue-1 (dragged) 1

Standing in a wind of
diesel fuel waiting
for my luggage.


At the bar, a honey
bottle in a bowl of
water. Account
of the ants. Sign
says Hangovers
Installed & Serviced.


Then scratched my
arm with my teeth,
nicking the cap
of the eggshell and
taking the larvae
of disappointment
into my mouth.


Have I lived
something stupid?
Am I the coward responsible for


It lopes and turns,
lopes and turns, lopes
and turns to look
back toward the distant
road on which I stand
paralyzed, as though


NEUEJOURNAL_Issue-1 (dragged) 2

Are you hyperventilating?
she calls
from the next


So hard—no
matter how bad
your own or
other’s pain,
turn from.


A married woman
sitting alone and
silent at the far
end of our couch.


He found con-
fidence stifling. No
surprise in it.


She said suffering wasn’t necessary.
He said it was the gateway.
She said, Drag it back where it came from.
She said, You call everybody baby.
He said, It’s like free money, sort of.
She said he said to just stand here.


Artwork: Gus Van Sant for NeueJournal