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nora chipaumire

The Language of a Body


nora chipaumire enters the room at ROOT Studios, and immediately commands it. The dancer, who was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe and who currently resides in Brooklyn, met with us a few days ahead of her performance at NeueHouse Madison Square, where she displayed her explorations and challenges of the stereotype of the black performing body. Pulling out beautiful artisanal clothing pieces from a woven bag, including a coat made from prayer rugs, chipaumire’s preparation is a reflection of her as an artist who takes every aspect into consideration. Once in front of photographer Andrew Boyle’s camera, with warm music loudly playing, the powerhouse talent showed us the language of a body and proved why she is such a necessary figure in the world of dance today.







Photography: Andrew Boyle for NeueJournal
Hair & Makeup: Campbell Ritchie @ Art Department
Special Thanks to ROOT Studios 

Close Encounters

Ana Khouri, Annelise Michelson, & Dior


Spring is the perfect season to strip back the layers and bare a little skin. Along with warm weather comes the opportunity to seek out the sun, and let soft supple skin be your most stylish accessory. In perfect contrast to a glowing visage, photographer Manolo Campion juxtaposes a number of geometric creations by jewelry mavens Ana Khouri and Annelise Michelson. 


















Photography: Manolo Campion for NeueJournal


Jewelry: Ana Khouri, Annelise Michelson, and Dior



Model: Miriam Haney @ Muse

Stylist: Dianna Lunt @ Art Dept

Casting Director: Edward Kim

Hair: Nicolas Eldin @ Art Dept

Makeup: Aya Komatsu @ Bridge

Special Thanks to ROOT BKN

Natural Elements

Gastronomical styling with
Laila Gohar & Chaunté Vaughn


Laila Gohar, who moved from Cairo, Egypt to various cities in the U.S. before adopting New York City as her home, began cooking for friends, which quickly evolved into cooking for larger occasions. However, the gastronome wouldn’t call herself a chef, and in reality it’s a title that wouldn’t particularly fit, as Gohar uses food as an artistic – and edible – medium to build architectural creations and installations. In a collaboration with us and photographer Chaunté Vaughn, Laila styled comestible creations meant to represent the natural elements: air, water, fire, and earth.




Photography: Chaunté Vaughn for NeueJournal 

Special thanks to ROOT Studios



Delicate Boldness

Y_1 copy

With minimally graphic and sleek designs that are artfully crafted to fit the body, Y/PROJECT is perfect for the modern woman with a penchant for the sexiness of the seventies. Fittingly, the Belgian designer calls his collections transeasonal because of the versatility of each piece, proving that less garnishing and more precise execution stands the test of time. Photographed by Manolo Campion, styled by Dianna Lunt in a mod monochrome set, the delicate boldness of Y/PROJECT’s designs come to life.











Photography: Manolo Campion for NeueJournal

Clothing: Y/PROJECT
Shoes: Saint Laurent, courtesy of Montana Rader (worn throughout)
Denim: Levis (vintage)


Model: Florence Kosky @ NY Models
Stylist: Dianna Lunt @ Art Dept
Hair: Thomas Dunkin @ Bridge Artists
Makeup: Yacine Diallo @ Bridge Artists
Photo Assistant: Michael Tessier
Set Designer: Ian Salter
Special Thanks to ROOT BKN