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The Cartorialist

Illustrated Answers with
NeueHouse Hollywood Member, Carly Kuhn

NeueHouse Hollywood Member, Carly Kuhn, better known as The Cartorialist, is one of the most exciting artists working in the fashion world and beyond, blending simplicity, talent, and, more importantly, humor into her pieces. In fact, humor is a great motivator in Kuhn’s life, as she tells us in this illustrated interview, she is a big admirer of Kristen Wiig and even attended the same comedy troupe the SNL veteran was a part of. Though known for her high-fashion illustrations (she’s collaborated with everyone from Prada to Dior and had a piece on the walls of NH Hollywood), the magic of Kuhn’s work lies in her ability to gracefully turn the subtle and ordinary into the alluring and evocative. She shows us different angles, fresh perspectives and provides a peek into a private world or a secret moment. She kindly gave us a look into her life, which involves martinis, turtlenecks, and finding beauty in imperfection, oh and lots of green tea soy lattes.


NeueJournal: What is your favorite aspect about getting ready in the morning?


The iced soy green tea latte from Starbucks tastes like a green tea ice cream.




NJ: What current fashion trend do you love?



NJ: What current fashion trend do you wish would go away?


Tiny purses. Not to be confused with an evening clutch.


NJ: What is your most prized possession?


My mother gave me her ring (that she’s had since she was 16) when I moved to California in 2009.


NJ: Who did you look up to as a kid?


My older brother Joey.


NJ: Who do you look up to now?


Kristen Wiig… she’s the first person who popped into my head. I grew up in NYC and was always a huge fan of SNL. When I moved to LA I worked in TV comedy and even went to the Groundlings School Wiig attended. Even though I no longer work in comedy, I will always have a special place in my heart for comedy and Kristen. My illustration is of one of her most famous characters: The Target Lady.


NJ: What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?


Cocktails with friends…


NJ: What does paradise look like to you?


A bungalow by the beach.


NJ: If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?


A guitar.


NJ: What is the last thing you bought?


A sketchbook from Blick Art Supplies.


Illustrations: Carly Kuhn for NeueJournal