The City Is A Garden

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Kim Gordon

The City Is A Garden


Best known for her role as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of alt-rock band Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon has long been something of an “it girl” in the music world and beyond. But it’s Gordon’s unconventional journey from fine art to music, and now, back to fine art, that piqued our curiosity, especially with the opening of her latest exhibition, The City Is A Garden, showing at 303 Gallery in NYC through July 24th, 2015.


“In this new body of work, Gordon’s primary concern is the radical change in the landscape of New York City over the past several years. Her work upends this notion of beauty, exploiting its inherent artifice. New condo developments are named with boardroom idealism – The Rushmore, Fortress of Glassitude, Greenwich Lane – bestowed to evoke a desirable and ineffable lifestyle. The garden is now controlled, a rendered design element in the slick blending of technology and luxury.”


Gordon popped by NeueHouse to discuss her latest projects and the inspirations behind them. We caught up with her for a hot minute on lifestyle and her current mindset.


NeueJournal: What’s your current state of mind?


Kim Gordon: Well I’m packing my house and moving so I’m packing and going through 30 years of my life so some days I’m super anxious and some days I’m really excited.


NJ: Who is your modern day hero?


KG: Seth Price, because I’m really into this book he just wrote called, Fuck Seth Price.


NJ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?


KG: Don’t confuse lifestyle for a life.


NJ: Who said that to you?


KG: Some ex-boyfriend.


Photography: Manolo Campion for NeueJournal