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Frances McDormand by Brigitte Lacombe

Artwork by Kaari Upson | NeueJournal Issue 1

Brigitte Lacombe and actress Frances McDormand disrobe for a naked swim in a mountain lake.


It’s an hour’s walk along a coastal cliff to a spring-fed mountain lake that is ringed by pines and always full. Full of water the color and texture of khaki velvet. It seems imperative to disrobe and be baptized in its clear, mirrored surface. To float, face up and bottom down, no matter the temperature. This photograph was taken in the daylight hours; but to float there on a night lit by a full moon is a gift beyond imagining. I believe that this is the best representation of me that has ever been taken by an eye at a camera.


Photography: Brigitte Lacombe for NeueJournal