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Kate Neckel

A New Perspective


NeueHouse Madison Square Member, Kate Neckel took a marker to her pink Converse high tops in fourth grade and hasn’t stopped drawing since. Seeking inspiration from the things around her, Kate was caught documenting the beaches of her beloved childhood in Miami to the pages from her favorite magazines that covered her bedroom walls. The artist solidified her place in the New York art scene, assisting David Byrne and documenting the beginnings of Zac Posen’s career. She has since created drawings for books (The Soup Club Cookbook), magazines (Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle), bands (Honduras), Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske’s second restaurant (Wildair), coffee mugs and totes (Café Grumpy), and even beehives (Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm). Always offering a new perspective on everyday objects, the eclectically cool artist shares some insight into life including, her version of paradise, current inspirations, and favorite Talking Heads song.


What is your favorite Talking Heads song?



What does paradise look like to you?3928_001


If you could draw on any surface in the world, where would it be?



What is your current inspiration?



What is your favorite part of the day?



What’s the last movie you watched?



If you could have coffee with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?



What was your favorite thing about NYC when you first moved here?



What is your favorite thing about NYC now?



What do you look like today? What will you look like in ten years?



Illustrations: Kate Neckel for NeueJournal