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Joe Doucet

Illustrations with a Renaissance Man


It’s always a breath of fresh air when a fashion staple that’s been around for centuries gets a reboot that manages to feel like a new piece altogether. Cue Joe Doucet x Thursday Finest, the recent collaboration between the design prodigy from Texas and the eco-friendly commission-based menswear brand. Using a design that Doucet meant to allude to the classicism of tie clips, the pairing has created 3D-knitted ties that not only look good, but feel good for Mother Nature too. Fresh off the heels of the collaboration, we asked the multidisciplinary artist to draw – not tell – a little bit about himself.


NeueJournal: Where are you right now and what do you look like?


JD: Self portrait.


NJ: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?



JD: I had a strong desire to be in the Ninjistic Arts


NJ: What do you think humans will look like in 2116?



JD: Augmented brains with robotically enhanced bodies, or possibly just a bit fatter and lazier than we are now


NJ: What is your biggest vice?



JD: Although I’m no longer a smoker, I can’t seem to resist a cheeky one now and again


NJ: You’re relocating to the moon and you can only bring three things. What are they?



JD: TP, great wine and a ride home


NJ: What does your ideal place to live in look like?



JD: Not much in it. A great chair and epic views


NJ: Who is your biggest inspiration?



JD: “Give me three hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first two sharpening my axe” Is one of my favorite and oft quoted sayings.


NJ: What do you think you’ll look like in fifteen years?



JD: A bit closer to this than I am now.



Photography: Andrew Boyle for NeueJouranl