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Éric Ripert

'32 Yolks'

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“You’re not born with craftsmanship. You may have talent, more than some other people, but you have to learn the hard way,” Chef Éric Ripert tells us. We are sitting in the studio of NeueHouse Madison Square, where upstairs an eager crowd gathers with anticipation to see the gastronome, culinary artist, and spiritual philanthropist read from his latest venture, ‘32 Yolks,’ a book that blends the biographical with the culinary. In fact, there is no way to separate the art of food with the life of the Chef, who boasts the three-Michelin-star recipient, Le Bernardin, as just one of his many successful ventures. Ripert, however, does not only take time to perfect his métier, but he also uses his success for benevolent causes, such as hosting the Tibetan Aids Project, and serving as chair for the City’s Harvest Food Council. Ahead of the poignant conversation regarding the life musings shared in the book, Ripert engaged in an intimate conversation with us, touching upon everything from the spirituality of eating to eating brains for intelligence.


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Photography: Manolo Campion for NeueJournal