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Andrew Wren

Fire Cider is not just an old wives tale


We asked NeueHouse member Andrew Wren – a graduate of Central St Martins in Graphic Design, the former bespoke art director of Wallpaper* magazine, and current Creative Director of International Media and Creative Agency Out There – to answer 10 questions about his work life and his life’s work.


What is your morning ritual?
A shot of Fire Cider.


What’s your go-to work attire?
Engineered Garments jacket, Uniqlo sweater, J. Crew trousers, Common Project high tops.


If this were a job interview, what would you say were your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Efficient / Short attention span.


How do you break the ice?
Smash it on the floor. Then it’s perfect for Mint Juleps.


If you could have any fictional character be your boss, who would it be?
Monsieur Gustave H.


If you could have one work super-power, what would it be?
Time travel.


Do you bring your phone to the bathroom?


What’s the worst excuse you’ve used to reschedule a meeting?
No excuses, I like to get to the next question as soon as possible.


When is it appropriate to start drinking, no judgement?
When your meetings are over.


What is your work mantra?
Work hard and be nice to people (Anthony Burrill).