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Fresh Faces
with Boris Peianov

Fascination With Beauty

Babi Valen @babivalen

“Beauty awakens the soul to act.” – Dante Alghieri


Ever since the first modeling agency was founded, the fashion world bred its own slew of super stars, broadening the range for beautiful celebrities to include people who weren’t actors, musicians, or artists. The fascination with beauty is as old as the history of humans, with everyone from Plato to Hegel focusing great parts of their philosophical research on the attempt to define what it is. While the question still has no defined answer, there are examples of beauty all around us, from the new faces of Wilhelmina photographed by Spencer Wohlrab, to their artistic re-imagining by illustrator Boris Peianov.



Nana Abramova @nana_abramova



Amanda Pasqualli @amandapasqualli



Demi Ramos @demi_ramos



Embrey @e_m_b_r_e_y



Reagan Angelo @reaganangelo



Alena Nurgaleeva @alenanurgaleeva


Photography: Spencer Wohlrab for NeueJournal 

Illustrations: B O R I S  P E I A N O V  for NeueJournal